OpenStack Manila Integration with Ceph



In this article we will configure OpenStack Manila using CephFS as a storage backend. OpenStack Manila is an OpenStack project providing file services. Manila is storage backend agnostic and you can have many different kinds of storage backends, similar to Cinder. CephFS is a POSIX-Compliant file system that uses the Ceph storage cluster to store data. CephFS works by providing a Metadata Server (MDS) that collectively manages filesystem namespaces. It also coordinates access to Ceph Object Storage Damones (OSDs). Ceph MDS has two modes: active or passive. There are several documented active/passive MDS configurations and multi-mds or active/active MDS that can be configured when a single MDS becomes a bottleneck. Clients can mount CephFS filesystems using the ceph-fuse client or kernel kernel driver.

Integrating Ceph with OpenStack Series:


The following are required to configure OpenStack Manila with CephFS:

  • Already configured Ceph cluster (Jewel or higher). See here to setup Ceph cluster.
  • Already configured OpenStack (Mitaka or higher). See here to setup OpenStack.

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