OpenShift Operator Getting Started Part I



In this article we will introduce the concept of Operators, the Operator Framework and Operator Lifecycle Management. This article is part of a series that will walk you through understanding and building operators in Go or Ansible end-to-end.

First, what exactly is an Operator?

An Operator is a method of packaging, deploying and managing a Kubernetes application.


Or simply, it is the application that can deploy itself, manage itself and update itself. Welcome to the brave new world, where we don’t spend time doing repetitive manually tasks, but rather put our knowledge into software so it can do it for us, better.

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The Coffee is Getting Cold, It’s Time to GO – Getting Started Building Microservices



Java has been around a really, really long time. Certainly it continues to evolve and has evolved. Java has always been a “can do anything” programming language. It has more frameworks and middleware than there are stars in the sky. It is portable anywhere and of course probably 8 out of 10 developers today know Java to some degree. Given all of this though is Java the path forward?

Looking forward I think the clear trend is microservices and beyond. Therefore the question is a lot simpler, is Java the best path forward for microservices?

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