Storage for Containers using Container Native Storage – Part III

Shipping containers


In this article we will focus on a new area of storage for containers called Container Native Storage. This article is a collaboration between Daniel Messer (Technical Marketing Manager Storage @RedHat) and Keith Tenzer (Sr. Solutions Architect @RedHat).

So What is Container Native Storage?

Essentially container native storage or CNS is a hyper-converged approach to storage and compute in the context of containers. Each container host or node supplies both compute and storage allowing storage to be completely integrated or absorbed by the platform itself. A software-defined storage system running in containers on the platform, consumes disks provided by nodes and provides a cluster-wide storage abstraction layer. The software-defined storage system then provides capabilities such as high-availability, dynamic provisioning and general storage management. This enables DevOps from a storage perspective, allows storage to grow with the container platform and delivers a high level of efficiency.

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