Powerful but Simple CI/CD with Azure DevOps and Go



Microsoft has wasted little time getting value out of their GitHub acquisition. They have now fully integrated GitHub and authentication into an already powerful DevOps platform called “Azure DevOps”. I have until this moment had zero enjoyment, setting up and maintaining CI/CD tooling usually involving some form of our dear butler, Jenkins. Nothing wrong with our old Jenkins but let’s face it, he is just overhead at this point, better to just put him to rest, he has earned it.

Azure DevOps has the following value:

  • It’s in the cloud, consumed as-a-service
  • Completely Integrated with GitHub
  • It is free
  • Authentication using GitHub user
  • Don’t need to use it with Azure
  • Supports basically every language, I am doing CI/CD with Go
  • Simple yaml to configure no Groovy/DML Jenkins horror
  • Yaml pipeline files auto-generated for your language (just needs minor tweaks)
  • Your code is built, unit tests are run, you can do acceptance tests and it is setup in a few minutes

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