CI/CD with Ansible Tower and GitHub



Over the last few years CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) thanks to new technologies has become a lot easier. It should no longer be a major thorn in the side of developers. Many are moving to cloud platforms which has CI/CD built-in (Azure DevOps for example), others are using Kubernetes which clearly reduces a lot of the complexity around CI/CD. Still at many organizations I see Jenkins or other complex and often homegrown tooling. I certainly recognize this tooling was needed but in 2019 there are better, more streamlined options. Now I get it, our butler Jenkins has served us well, for many years, he has become part of our family. But just like the famous Butler, Alfred from Batman, he has gotten old and likely it is time to look into retirement.

In this article we will discuss and demonstrate how to use Ansible Tower and GitHub for CI/CD.

A video presentation and demonstration is available at following URL:

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