HOWTO: OpenStack Deployment using TripleO and the Red Hat OpenStack Director



In this article we will look at how to deploy an OpenStack cloud using TripleO, the upstream project from the Red Hat OpenStack Director. Regardless of what OpenStack distribution you are using OpenStack is essentially OpenStack. Everyone has the same code-base to work with. The main differences between distributions are around what OpenStack projects are part of distribution, how it is supported and the deployment of the distribution. Every distribution has their own OpenStack deployment tool. Clearly deployments differ as they are based on support decisions each distribution makes. However many distributions have created their own proprietary installers. Shouldn’t the OpenStack community unite around a common installer? What would be better than using OpenStack to deploy OpenStack? Why should OpenStack administrators have to learn separate proprietary tooling? Why should we be creating unnecessary vendor lock-in for OpenStack’s deployment tooling? Installing OpenStack is one thing but what about upgrade and life-cycle management?
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