Ansible Getting Started Guide



Automation is one of the most critical areas of improvement in most organizations. Today, most companies are in the process or re-inventing themselves in one way or another to add software development capabilities and as such, take full advantage of the digitalization of everything. Software development release cycles are changing in order to release faster. Continuous delivery, where every change is potentially it’s own release is becoming the new standard. Infrastructure is following suit, after all, continuous delivery is not about just software changes but all changes and infrastructure plays a key roll. For any of this to work of course, 100% automation is required. To achieve that goal, an automation language that is easy and applicable to development and operations is needed. Ansible is that language and if you are not on-board yet, now is your chance not to miss the train because it is leaving the station. Ansible is easy, Ansible is powerful and Ansible is flexible. This guide will show that and get you up and running with Ansible before your coffee gets cold.

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