Storage for Containers using Gluster – Part II

Shipping containers


This article is a collaboration between Daniel Messer (Technical Marketing Manager Storage @RedHat) and Keith Tenzer (Solutions Architect @RedHat).

Gluster as Container-Ready Storage (CRS)

In this article we will look at one of the first options of storage for containers and how to deploy it. Support for GlusterFS has been in Kubernetes and OpenShift for some time. GlusterFS is a good fit because it is available across all deployment options: bare-metal, virtual, on-premise and public cloud. The recent addition of GlusterFS running in a container will be discussed later in this series.

GlusterFS is a distributed filesystem at heart with a native protocol (GlusterFS) and various other protocols (NFS, SMB,…). For integration with OpenShift, nodes will use the native protocol via FUSE to mount GlusterFS volumes on the node itself and then have them bind-mount’ed into the target containers. OpenShift/Kubernetes has a native provisioner that implements requesting, releasing and (un-)mounting GlusterFS volumes.

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