Containers in Large IT Enterprises



As this will be the last article of 2017 I wanted to do something different and get away from my typical how-to guides (rest assured I will continue doing them in 2018). Over the past year, I have engaged in a lot of conversation with many large organizations looking to adopt or increase their container footprint. In this article I will share my thoughts on what I have learned from those discussions. We will discuss the impact of containers in large IT organizations. Understand the difference between container technology and container platform. Look into the integration points a container platform has into the existing IT landscape and finally discuss high-level architectural design ideas.

This article should serve as a good starting point for IT organizations trying to understand how to go about adopting container technology in their organization.

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OpenShift Enterprise v3 Lab Configuration: Innovate Faster, Deliver Sooner



OpenShift Enterprise v3 by Red Hat is about building and running next-gen applications. If we look around, we have seen startups in virtually every market segment, turning the competitive landscape upside down. Startup companies like NetFlix, Spotify and Uber have literally pushed the incumbents to the brink of extinction and overtaken entire industries in a very short period of time. How have they been able to rival incumbents 100 times their size? The answer is simple, by bringing innovation to the market faster, much faster. Complacency and overcoming previous successes are very challenging for incumbents. It is much easier for a startup to innovate than an existing company with a degree of legacy. OpenShift v3 will level the playing field and provide organizations the appropriate tooling to rapidly reduce their time-to-market.

OpenShift v3 allows organizations to deliver innovation faster by:

  • Maximizing time developers actually spend developing
  • Enabling efficient clean hand-offs between Dev & Ops (DevOps)
  • Automating development pipelines and continuous integration / delivery
  • Increasing speed of innovation through more frequent experimentation
  • Providing state-of-the-art enterprise grade container infrastructure

In this article we will look at how to setup an OpenShift lab environment and get started on the journey to faster innovation cycles.
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