Red Hat Ceph Storage 2.0 Lab + Object Storage Configuration Guide



Ceph has become the defacto standard for software-defined storage. Ceph is 100% opensource, built on open standards and as such is offered by many vendors not just Red Hat. If you are new to Ceph or software-defined storage, I would recommend the following article before proceeding to understand some high-level concepts:

Ceph – the future of storage

In this article we will configure a Red Hat Ceph 2.0 cluster and set it up for object storage. We will configure RADOS Gateway (RGW), Red Hat Storage Console (RHCS) and show how to configureĀ the S3 and Swift interfaces of the RGW. Using python we will access both the S3 and Swift interfaces.

If you are interested in configuring Ceph for OpenStack see the following article:

OpenStack – Integrating Ceph as Storage Backend
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