Storage for Containers using NetApp SolidFire– Part VI

Shipping containers


In this article we will look at how you can configure and dynamically provision NetApp SolidFire Storage for containerized applications in a Kubernetes/OpenShift environment. This article is a work from Kapil Arora (Cloud Platform Architect @NetApp).

NetApp recently released an open source project known as Trident, the first external storage provisioner for Kubernetes leveraging on-premises storage.

Trident enables the use of the new storage class concept in Kubernetes, acting as a provisioning controller that watches for PVCs (persistent volume requests) and creates them on-demand.

This means that when a pod requests storage from a storage class that Trident is responsible for, it will provision a volume that meets those requirements and make it available to the pod in real-time.

To learn more  check-out these  Trident videos.

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