Keith Tenzer has over 15 years of enterprise IT experience. He has a strong software engineering background but mostly worked as a systems and storage administrator. He has worked for high-profile companies such as Intuit, NetApp and Red Hat. Keith has worked in the USA and Europe. Through his career Keith has focused much of his time around application integration and has built distinct expertise in this area. Currently Keith occupies the position of Solutions Architect at Red Hat. Opinions expressed in this blog are Keith’s own and do not necessarily reflect that of the company he works for.

Software Engineering Accomplishments

Coding provides Keith with a creative outlet for his many ideas. It also helps him understand how software is built and operates. Keith has worked on many software engineering projects and some notable ones are mentioned below.

  • Integra – Provider based automation framework that enables IT teams to automate anything without creating technical debt. Integra is simple to understand and easy to use. It is truly a next-gen automation platform.
  • NetApp Snap Creator Framework – Snapshot based backup framework integrating applications with NetApp snapshot technology. Snap Creator is a backup product offered by NetApp and Keith is the inventor.
  • Perfstat – Systems monitoring tool fashioned after another monitoring tool from 90s called Big Brother.
  • Snap2cloud – A framework for backing up storage snapshots to the cloud. Currently it implements NetApp to Amazon S3 but it could be extended to other storage vendors and cloud providers.




RH_CertifiedSysAdmin_CMYK RH_CertifiedEngineer_CMYK RH_CertifiedArchitect_RGB RH_CertifiedVirtAdmin_RGB


This blog is dedicated to the many midnight code junkies out there, you know who you are! Keep coding and never stop fighting the good fight.

4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Keith.

    I try to implement the Autoscaling using with Ceilometer. I am able to create stack with heat template and I stree the CPU untilization morethan 90% . but still scaling is not happening.
    Also I see one issue Ceilometer alarm state is “insufficient data”

    [root@icmcs ceilometer]# ceilometer alarm-list
    | Alarm ID | Name | State | Severity | Enabled | Continuous | Alarm condition | Time constraints |
    | cacbac69-14eb-49c1-b1b1-042f8e0d3e52 | demo-autoscaling1-cpu_alarm_low-imzkpfqywqvn | insufficient data | low | True | True | cpu-util 50.0 during 1 x 50s | None |

    Ceilometer cpu_util alos not capturing.
    [root@icmcs ceilometer]# ceilometer statistics -m cpu_util
    | Period | Period Start | Period End | Max | Min | Avg | Sum | Count | Duration | Duration Start | Duration End |

    I appreciate help on this. thanks.


    • Check to make sure following services are enabled:




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