About Me

Principal Solutions Architect at Red Hat

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I have over 20 years of enterprise IT experience. Have a strong software engineering background but also worked on infrastructure side, as a Linux systems and storage administrator. Worked for several high-profile companies such as Intuit, NetApp and Red Hat, both the USA and Europe. Through my career, I focused a lot of time around application integration and built distinct expertise in this area. Currently my focus is to help large enterprise organizations move toward containerization and building next-gen platforms. Opinions expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect that of the company I work for.

Software Engineering Accomplishments

Coding provides a creative outlet for many of my ideas. It also helps to understand how software is built and operates. I have worked on several software engineering projects and some notable ones are mentioned below.

  • Integra - Provider based automation framework that enables IT teams to automate anything without creating technical debt. Integra is simple to understand and easy to use. It is truly a next-gen automation platform.
  • NetApp Snap Creator Framework - Snapshot based backup framework integrating applications with NetApp snapshot technology. Snap Creator is a backup product offered by NetApp and I am proudly it's inventor.
  • Perfstat - Systems monitoring tool fashioned after another monitoring tool from 90s called Big Brother.
  • Snap2cloud - A framework for backing up storage snapshots to the cloud. Currently it implements NetApp to Amazon S3 but it could be extended to other storage vendors and cloud providers.




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This blog is dedicated to the many midnight code junkies out there, you know who you are! Keep coding and never stop fighting the good fight.